First Journal - #YCLdelegation to #greenbiz21

Last Week the YCL Network received an invitation from the annual event’s coordinator—GreenBiz Group—to bring a 10-person delegation to the event. The GreenBiz 21 was the premier invitation-only event for sustainable business leaders, convening more than 1,200 professionals online and high-level conversations across 80 sessions delving into the latest trends, tools, and insights shaping companies and jobs today and tomorrow. Learn more about the event in the official website of the event.

Here are some the first insights from the delegates was first of all the power of the YCL network in making a difference in a young person's climate career:

"One of the biggest benefits of being part of the YCL Network is to be able to connect with other like-minded people who work in different areas related to climate change and sustainability. This means making friends with people with the same desire to make a difference but also opening new doors professionally and academically.

Everyone in the network actively tries to share opportunities with each other, such as internships, jobs, activities and course programmes! An additional benefit is the exclusive invitations for events, such as Greenbiz. YCL had the opportunity to invite 10 people to be part of a special delegation to assist and participate in all the events and activities, which was an exclusive opportunity to connect with new people and develop themselves professionally.

The delegation was prepared and empowered by the YCL team to connect with representatives of big business and companies and take part in the roundtables and sessions to discuss sustainable solutions designed and implemented by business.

We cannot explain the wonderful energy experienced in the last 3 days of the GreenBiz event. As young entrepreneurs and community leaders in the fight against pollution and climate change, having the possibility to talk directly with representatives of large institutions filled us with hope and pride! The Greenbiz event welcomed the participants with inspiring voices from activists and young leaders, who occupied the same stage as representatives of the business world, in a clear sign that it is possible to work together, especially through initiatives like YCL, for a better future. Watching young leaders - like Danielle Boyer and Diego Arreola Fernandez at the session "The Future of Environmental Leadership" - speaking with such passion about their projects and purposes strengthened our intention to act as a climate leader. Yes, we can raise our voices and show the world that small actions contribute to big changes.

As young climate leaders, the event has sparked mixed feelings in us. At the same time that we felt extremely lucky to be close to great representatives of the business world, something almost unbelievable for who is at the beginning of the career, we felt very belonging to the space.

It was as if we could prove that our participation as a delegation of young leaders was as important as the participation of large companies in combating climate change and advancing a sustainable future for our world. Opportunities like this are vital to the growth of the new generation of climate leaders. Thank you YCL!"

Amanda da Cruz Costa, Amanda Hsiung, Ana Luísa Mayumi Cardoso de Souza, Ana Tereza Viana, Deborah Ducy Alves de Souza, Manuela Regina Borja, Sanjana Paul, Steven Carlson, Victoria Bastos D'Araujo and Wilco van Varik

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