Largest mobilization in history was for the environment

Atualizado: 18 de Out de 2020

by Carolina Schäffer during #YCLNYC2019 Delegation

More than 4 million people stormed the streets last Friday, September 20, 2019, to participate in environmental acts. The #GlobalClimateStrike, an initiative of the Fridays for Future movement, led by young people and students, but also joined by civil society organizations, social movements, researchers and even companies.

Across the globe, 170 countries have organized 6.631 protests demanding action to prevent the advance of global warming.

The mobilization is based on the assumption that we are living in an era of climate and political emergencies and that in order to secure a future for humanity, we must all start to support, defend and choose policies and actions that will free us from the collapse we are experiencing. living in the present day.

Carolina Schäffer, collaborator at Apremavi and member of #YCLNetwork, was in New York during #YCLNYC2019 Delegation. She had closely followed the mobilization of young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, founder of the Fridays for Future movement.

“The fight for the climate and environmental cause is not from today, my parents have been fighting for this cause for over 35 years. Growing up in an environment where activism is the watchword, and having closely followed many environmental struggles in Brazil, it is indescribable the feeling that comes over me as we young people have been able to mobilize so many people to take to the streets and give voice to the environment. environment and all its biodiversity. Even more exciting is being able to participate in the greatest mobilization in the history of mankind and to say that it was in favor of the environmental cause. I know we are far from saying that the fight is over, but definitely September 20, 2019, marks a victory in this battle that will secure a future to call our own".

Originally posted at Apremavi in Portuguese: Link to the original article.


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